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Robert F. Bernstock's Successful Business Career

April 20, 2023

Robert F. Bernstock is currently engaged in a multitude of professional endeavors, showcasing his commitment and industriousness. Since 2014, he has held the esteemed positions of Chairman and CEO at USCI Company, demonstrating his expertise in corporate leadership. Additionally, since 2015, he has served as the President and CEO of Medical Services Associates, LLC, further establishing his influential role within the organization.

Simultaneously, Bernstock has also provided his valuable insights as a consultant for Central Garden and Pet Company, a prominent national marketer specializing in branded lawn & garden and pet products. This consultancy role allows him to contribute his extensive knowledge and guidance to bolster the company's strategic direction and growth.

Notably, Bernstock's distinguished career includes a significant tenure as the President of the Mailing and Shipping Services Division at the United States Postal Service. During his two-year tenure, he effectively supervised sales revenue exceeding $70 billion, reflecting his remarkable managerial acumen and fiscal acuity.

As a highly accomplished businessman, Bob Bernstock has consistently held influential decision-making positions in some of the nation's largest and most prosperous companies. His invaluable experience in devising corporate strategies and implementing best practices has made him a sought-after candidate for numerous public and private company boards. His exceptional leadership skills have propelled various enterprises towards unparalleled success, garnering widespread acclaim and endorsements across multiple leadership domains.